A Letter from Pastor Paul

Church family,

I invite you to join me on a 21-day journey of prayer and fasting. The purpose is to intentionally seek the face of the Lord.i God is always with His children because of His covenant commitment through Jesus. He promises to always stand by us, work for us, love us, and cause everything to work for good for us. Yet, the Bible tells us repeatedly to seek the presence of God. If God is always with us, why are we told to seek His presence?

Even though God is “with us” we must intentionally seek Him. I can be with my wife, but not necessarily pursuing her. I can be in her presence, but not actively serving, loving, engaging, or seeking after her. The  same is true of our relationship with God. In Christ, His presence is with us, but we are called to continually seek after Him.

There are also seasons when we all become neglectful of God and spend little or no time thinking on and meditating upon His glory, greatness, and beauty.

I pray these 21 days will be days of profound spiritual enrichment as we pursue the “face of God.”

I encourage you to purposefully pray for FBC Thomasville during these 21 days.

Let us pray for Biblical renewal and revival among the people of God called FBC Thomasville. Pray with me that God would exalt His great name; He would extend His kingdom in the world; the gospel would speed ahead and be honored, that our greatest joy would be in God, for boldness in proclaiming the gospel, and our hearts would be satisfied with God and not the world. May God move in His church for His glory.

I encourage you to prayerfully consider fasting for one day per week. I would suggest a 24-hour fast, for example, eat a good lunch Sunday and then you miss Sunday dinner and Monday breakfast. I am asking people to fast Sunday lunch to Monday lunch, but choose another day if that works better for you. How powerful will it be if hundreds of FBC Thomasville believers are fasting and praying together for God to move in our midst? If you are unable to participate in a food fast, consider fasting from social media or television.

Acts 13:1-3 tells us the 1st century church at Antioch fasted and prayed together. Fasting is a Biblical discipline that God has given the believer to propel us into greater spiritual growth and move among his people. For more information on fasting and other resources, please click here.

Finally, I am indebted to David McKinley, pastor of Warren Baptist Church in Augusta SC and his prayer- ministry for allowing us to utilize much of their devotionals.

Join me as we seek the face of God,

Pastor Paul